Dyeworks, April 2020

You’ll need the original wearable item you would like to dye and the Hue Brew Potion that you have to get the dyeworks. Then go to Dyeworks in the NC Mall. There, you will find all the selected NC wearable items you can use the potion on.

You can find a Hue Brew Potion from the NC Mall for 125NC each or trade your NC items with other users. If you don’t have the original wearable item, you can usually find some neopians lending them at the NC Chat Board with a cost of a GBC or a dyepot/dyework (free if you found a very kind neopian who are willing to lend at zero cost).

These dyeworks are available from April 1, 2020 through April 26, 2020, so don’t miss this opportunity to get your items dyed and collect them all before then!

Original ItemDyeworks Transformation

Striped Painted Negg Wings

Dyeworks Black: Striped Painted Negg Wings

Dyeworks Blue: Striped Painted Negg Wings

Dyeworks Purple: Striped Painted Negg Wings

Garden Tea Parasol

Dyeworks Green: Garden Tea Parasol

Dyeworks Purple: Garden Tea Parasol

Dyeworks Silver: Garden Tea Parasol

Spring Teal Sandals

Dyeworks Blue: Spring Teal Sandals

Dyeworks Gold: Spring Teal Sandals

Dyeworks Pink: Spring Teal Sandals

Star Dust Wig

Dyeworks Black: Star Dust Wig

Dyeworks Red: Star Dust Wig

Dyeworks Yellow: Star Dust Wig

Blonde Gladiator Wig

Dyeworks Green: Blonde Gladiator Wig

Dyeworks Purple: Blonde Gladiator Wig

Dyeworks Red: Blonde Gladiator Wig

Lighted Spring Dress

Dyeworks Black: Lighted Spring Dress

Dyeworks Green: Lighted Spring Dress

Dyeworks Red: Lighted Spring Dress

Healing Springs Foreground

Dyeworks Blue: Healing Springs Foreground

Dyeworks Red: Healing Springs Foreground

Dyeworks Yellow: Healing Springs Foreground

Underwater Easter Statue

Dyeworks Black: Underwater Easter Statue

Dyeworks Blue: Underwater Easter Statue

Dyeworks Gold: Underwater Easter Statue

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