Neopets New Dyeworks (Valentines Themed), February 2024

A new selection of Dyeworks that’s matching the valentine’s theme are now available at the NC Mall! These items will be available to dye up until February 27th only. So don’t miss this opportunity to get your items dyed and collect them all before then!

Not sure how dyeworks work? Jellyneo has an extensive guide on how Neopets Dyeworks work.

A simplified version would be that you’ll need the original wearable item you would like to dye and the Hue Brew Potion that you have to get the dyeworks. Then go to Dyeworks in the NC Mall. There, you will find all the selected NC wearable items you can use the potion on.

You can find a Hue Brew Potion from the NC Mall for 125NC each or trade your NC items with other users. If you don’t have the original wearable item, you can usually find some neopians lending them at the NC Chat Board with a cost of a GBC or a dyepot/dyework (free if you found a very kind neopian who are willing to lend at zero cost), or you can just buy it in the NC Mall during the dyeworks availability.

Since 2023, TNT starts to release the original items in the mall while the dyeworks are available.

Golden Heart ConfettiDyeworks Pink: Golden Heart ConfettiDyeworks Red: Golden Heart ConfettiDyeworks Silver: Golden Heart Confetti
Full Moon Mystical BackgroundDyeworks Lavender: Full Moon Mystical BackgroundDyeworks Pink: Full Moon Mystical BackgroundDyeworks Violet: Full Moon Mystical Background
Pastel Buns with Curly Locks WigDyeworks Blonde: Pastel Buns with Curly Locks WigDyeworks Light Blue: Pastel Buns with Curly Locks WigDyeworks Red: Pastel Buns with Curly Locks Wig
Lovely Berry Blush MakeupDyeworks Magenta: Lovely Berry BlushDyeworks Peach: Lovely Berry BlushDyeworks Soft Pink: Lovely Berry Blush
Pretty Pink Heart DressDyeworks Black: Pretty Pink Heart DressDyeworks Blue: Pretty Pink Heart DressDyeworks Purple: Pretty Pink Heart Dress
Unruly Heart MakeupDyeworks Black: Unruly Heart MakeupDyeworks Soft Pink: Unruly Heart MakeupDyeworks White: Unruly Heart Makeup
Dark and Moody Vignette FilterDyeworks Dark Red: Dark and Moody Vignette FilterDyeworks Lavender: Dark and Moody Vignette FilterDyeworks Pink: Dark and Moody Vignette Filter
Valentine Baby DummyDyeworks Blue: Valentine Baby DummyDyeworks Green: Valentine Baby DummyDyeworks White: Valentine Baby Dummy
Mutant Spring HeadbandDyeworks Black: Mutant Spring HeadbandDyeworks Pink: Mutant Spring HeadbandDyeworks Red: Mutant Spring Headband
Maraquan Spring Tote BouquetDyeworks Black: Maraquan Spring Tote BouquetDyeworks Pink: Maraquan Spring Tote BouquetDyeworks White: Maraquan Spring Tote Bouquet

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